Choosing the Best Mindful Journal, Part 1

Updated: Apr 27

In this chapter, we'll talk about:

  • discovering popular journaling brands

  • the best mindful journal brands

  • + three tasks to complete.

GIRLBOSS.GURU RECOMMENDS A 20-POINT CHECKLIST TO REFER TO when shopping for your next favourite mindful* journal. There are so many journals for wellbeing (or journals on wellbeing) available right now, that sometimes it's easier to purchase something you can create from scratch, then personalise.

*Journaling becomes mindful when we give the activity our full attention and allow our surroundings to fade into the background.

If you haven't already done so, check out Part 2 of the 'Best Mindful Journal' post, and download your copy of the FREE 'Just A Journal' checklist seen above before continuing.

Just A Journal Checklist
Download • 491KB

Brands To Love

WHETHER YOU'RE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING PRETTY, PRODUCTIVE, GUIDED OR RE-USABLE, there are so many wonderful journals on the market this year that you're bound to find your perfect fit, even if, at first, you're overwhelmed. You may already know of popular brand names, or may have visited websites to browse the colours, paper types, personalisation and, of course, the prices on offer.

So, to make this important decision quicker and easier, Girlboss.Guru has listed her favourite brands, plus her 'Just A Journal' checklist to help you narrow down something best-suited to your needs and personality. These four recommendations start at just £21.90 (plus p&p) for a Girlboss.Guru tried and tested product.

Girlboss Recommends

  • For mental health, try The Happiness Planner

This brand produces beautiful journals in a variety of colours and styles. Rather than focusing on productivity and success, the brand focuses on your happiness.

From their website: "...combining cognitive-behavioral-therapy techniques with goal setting."

Girlboss. Guru uses the 52 Week Peony Planner - Leather Binder in pink and cream as her daily diary and to-do list. This gorgeous, feminine part-guided planner is an A5, 6-ring Saffino faux-leather organizer with an internal pocket and pen loop. It's beautifully packaged and presented on arrival, with additional stickers, printed sheets, quote cards and stationery included in the box. [RRP £42.00 + p&p].

  • For convenience, try Rocketbook Fusion

This brand produces spiral-bound re-usable notebooks in various colours, sizes and page types. Combine the convenience of a wipe-clean system with the app to keep your notes perfectly organised and digitised.

From their website: "...connects traditional handwriting surfaces with the power of the cloud."

Girlboss.Guru uses the Rocketbook Fusion Executive A5 in Neptune teal to plan her blog and social media content. This variation of the smart, re-usable notebook includes 7 page styles, all for use with the Pilot FriXion pens, is wipe-clean and comes with a pen and rag. Download the Rocketbook app for free to scan, store and distribute your QR coded notes. [RRP £36.99 + p&p]

  • For bullet journaling, try Leuchtturm 1917

Whilst this brand of notebook is incredibly personal and sturdy alone, combined with Ryder Carroll's 'The Bullet Journal Method' it produces a handy, creative solution for anyone dissatisfied with pre-printed pages or guided prompts. Plus, proudly claim ownership of your notebook with their embossing options.

From their website: "They look good, are practical and always to hand, keep our secrets safe, give structure to our daily lives, store our memories..."

Girlboss.Guru uses the Leuchtturm 1917 Official Bullet Journal Edition in black for lists and habit trackers. The A5 hardback includes guide notes from Ryder Carroll, three handy page ribbons, a back pocket and 206 fully numbered, dotted pages in 120gsm paper. The Leuchtturm 1917 is thread-bound and sturdy, yet lays flat to allow for creativity and manoeuvrability. [RRP £21.90 + p&p].

  • For fun limited editions, try Moleskine Classic

This brand offers a wide variety of notebooks, including stylish and fun limited editions to please all tastes. With personalisation available, it's easy to brand your new best friend. Plus, with Moleskine Smart, it's easy to digitise.

From their website: '...we believe in the timeless power of hand-writing as an essential expression of human civilization, a powerful act to unleash the human genius and foster the development and sharing of literacy and knowledge."

Girlboss.Guru uses an A5, limited edition Moleskine Classic journal for her personal thoughts and ideas. With a ribbon marker, interior pocket and one sheet of matching stickers, the ruled and cream-paged 70gsm paper is perfect for notes and daily musings. Limited edition designs include Harry Potter, Sakura, Disney, Wizard of Oz and more. [RRP £22.00 + p&p].

Please visit the Resources page for other handy links to these brands.

Find Your Next Journal

Before you purchase your next journal for wellbeing (or journal on wellbeing), complete the following tasks:

  • Download the 'Just A Journal' free checklist below.

  • Print the Girlboss.Guru blank journal sheet for your research notes in the meantime.

  • Read Choosing Your Journal, Part 2 if you have not already done so.

Download your 'Just A Journal' checklist:

Just A Journal Checklist
Download • 491KB
GBG Blank Journal Page
Download PDF • 477KB

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