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Meet Girlboss.Guru

Girlboss.Guru is a Journaling Therapy blogger from England.

Girlboss.Guru sat on the motivation to create this blog for a long time. Torn between wanting to remain anonymous and reaching out to offer advice and reassurance to other anxious journal users, it took Girlboss over 12-months to generate the courage to write her truth.

But when Girlboss realised how writing an anonymous blog—sharing honest journal entries between useful advice and helpful reviews—could reassure even one person, she decided it was about time she opened her heart (and the pages of her journal) to others.

Girlboss.Guru's dream is to create a warm and inviting space for women to learn more about the benefits of journaling, and approach their problems like a boss! With years of personal experience, a Journal Therapy diploma (and an addiction to cute stationery), Girlboss hopes to provide the comfort and reassurance we all, sometimes, need to hear.

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What is Journal Therapy?

Therapeutic journaling is a technique recommended and used by some professionals to resolve personal conflicts, help us to achieve self-awareness, and a deeper understanding of our lives. By writing down our concerns, we are able to see them and their possible solutions with clarity.


When we lay our problems out on the page, we put them into perspective; it is also easier to break down larger tasks to achieve our goals and dreams through smaller, more digestible actions. Journaling in this way can help those suffering with Anxiety, OCD, Depression, PTSD, illnesses, grief and more.

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